The Importance of Storytelling In Dance

When you think of ‘dance’ what do you think of? Ballet, musical theatre, contemporary dance, tap dance, cultural dance like Indian or African dance, Strictly Come Dancing?
There are so many examples of dance … have you ever noticed that within all those examples, there is an artistic purpose, an inspiration, or a reason for the dance’s conception. Sometimes it’s a story, sometimes it’s just a feeling or emotion. But why is that such an important part of dance?

Why We Believe Every Little One Should Dance!

Earlier this month we were thrilled to be listed along side Joe Wicks in the John Lewis article ‘Things To Do With Kids At Home’ on the John Lewis website.
It was great to be recognised for providing ‘imaginative and fun filled’ classes to help keep little ones active. Of course, we believe every little one should dance! Why? Have you ever watched a toddler instinctively move to whatever music happens to be being played? It’s often surprisingly rhythmical! Bouncing, swaying, moving hips side to side, maybe a clap or a stamp of foot if you’re lucky. The sheer joy of instinctive dance can be mind blowing! No-one has told them to move like that or has shown them, they just do because that is what they feel like doing in that moment! And the joy it brings them is palpable.

A Typical Tot Bop Day

Hello all! Sophie here, one of Tot Bop’s very proud teachers! How is everyone coping with this second lockdown? If your anything like me, I am feeling a little bit deflated and down! With stopping and starting again (ugh!) it has definitely made me realise how appreciative I am of being a part of Tot…

We Are Hiring!

‘TOT BOP’ ARE LOOKING FOR A QUALIFIED DANCE TEACHER FOR CLASSES IN HERTFORSHIRE/ BEDFORDSHIRE /BUCKINGHAMSHIRE AREA.   Tot Bop are looking for a dance teacher to teach pre-school aged children and children up to the age of 7 modern/jazz classes and tap classes on Thursday, Friday and Saturday mornings (term time only). This role fits…