Our daughter really enjoys the online classes as it gives her some familiarity and a level of normality in what is a strange time. It also gives her the opportunity to continue with something she enjoys! I think it is a great resource! It allows us to do some or all of a weeks class and come back to it whenever we want, giving our daughter more time to pick up a new move or simply practice more moves to her favourite parts of the class!

JulieHeidi's mum (Online)

My son absolutely loves the Tot Bop Online classes. They are fun, engaging, help him keep active (a God-send on rainy days too!) and I love that you are not bound by times of days – access whenever you want, as many times as you want throughout the week. The Crazy shape weekly competition is a lovely, personal touch too to get to know your fellow Tot Bop Online family. Highly recommend!

SophieAlfie's Mum (Online)

Really great classes, well explained, great fun, good mix of learning steps and dancing. I love doing the class with my daughter who is 7, she also happily does it on her own. This is a quality class I would happily recommend to a friend.

KirstyKhaleesi's Mum (Online)

I love this group! I started taking my 2 year old son a few weeks ago & already my son loves dancing and singing. The routines are age appropriate, the environment is clean and spacious, & the teacher is a lovely lady who interacts with all the children & encourages them all to get involved. It’s fun, creative & educational for my son as he learns new dances, rhythm and is bringing out his confidence even more! The other mums are lovely & there’s no judgement! Thank you for your time & effort x

JessicaOscar's Mum

Absolutely amazing dance class, creative, fun and engaging. We love watching how she progresses each term. We’ve been going for over a year now and will continue for a really long time. I recommend Tot Bops for all toddlers, it teaches them discipline following routines and moves, develops their imagination through story time combined with movement, and it helps them to grow their confidence and social relations with their peers.

KatEmily's Mum

Really lovely and fun class for toddlers to dance, use up some energy and develop their musical sense and body confidence. The classes are beautifully structured into short sections to keep the kids engaged. They use imaginative ways to teach them about rhythm and movement….even getting the parents involved too! They do a fantastic job of keeping the vibe relaxed, fun, encouraging yet professional all at the same time. Superb. We love going.

AngelinaEvangeline's Mum

Elissia absolutely loves coming! The overwhelming joy i get with how much fun she has. I cant wait to see how well Elissia develops over the terms. She’s a groover and this class is definately the best we have found to suit what Elissia wants.

LauraElissa's Mum

I have my three year old in the funky monkeys class and my one year old in the baby boppers class. They both adore the lessons and I always look forward to our Fridays with Rachel. Super fun and so good for both my little ones – in their coordination, listening, interacting and just having lots of giggles with friends.

KayArthur's Mum

Friday afternoons are such fun for my Granddaughter and me! I just love seeing all the little ones taking their first steps into the world of dance, I am amazed how quickly they learn and respond to the set routines.

KimTalia's Gran

We love Tot Bop, it’s nurturing my daughters confidence every week and she’s learning while having fun! I love the variety of the music and dance styles and the storytelling section is fantastic and really captures the children’s imagination.

LauraLivia's Mum

My three year old daughter loves Tot Bop! A great way for her to learn to express herself through rhythm and movement. Rachel is engaging, passionate and inspiring with all the children. Harriet can’t wait to come along each week and skips into the class!

ElspethHarriet's Mum

Finally a fresh, fun dance class for boys too! Rachel is energising and great with the kids. Big thumbs up from Mummy and Jamie. We love the Tot Bop Boogie!

FranJamie's Mum