movers & shakers – adult jazz dance classes


Calling all Movers & Shakers! Adult jazz dance classes, whether you’re a Tot Bop parent or not! Why should the kids have all the fun?

Open to both men and women, Movers & Shakers classes are funky, sassy jazz dance classes … what better way to get and stay fit?!

Open to all levels. No previous experience required.

What to expect …

  • Our fabulous classes start with a dance based warm-up, designed to raise the heart rate, get the blood pumping and mobilise the joints. A variety of core dance moves will be included in the warm-up in order to get you used to various steps that might be re-visited later on.
  • We then get on the floor for some toning/sculpting exercises and a stretch to increase strength and improve flexibility.
  • Back up on our feet, we move onto a centre exercise, which works on developing and improving core control and balance, posture and proprioception.
  • We’ll then move onto learning some core dance moves. This section will cover anything from basic travelling steps, to kicks, turns, jumps or leaps. We’ll have you triple pirouetting and leaping across the room in no time!
  • Lastly, the all important routine! Leave your inhibitions at the door and lose yourself in some fun choreography to music that you love!
  • We’ll finish with a chilled out cool down, breathing and relaxation.

The more classes you book the cheaper the class! So commit to a chunk and it’s win win … for your fitness goals and your pocket!

2018/19 TERM DATES: 

Wednesday 31st October – Wednesday 12th December

Wednesday 9th January – Wednesday 6th February

Wednesday 20th February – Wednesday 3rd April

Wednesday 24th April – Wednesday 22nd May

Wednesday 5th June – Wednesday 17th July


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movers & shakers - adult jazz dance classes – Single Class
movers & shakers - adult jazz dance classes – Block of 4 Classes
movers & shakers - adult jazz dance classes – Block of 7 Classes (half term)
movers & shakers - adult jazz dance classes – Block of 14 Classes (full term)
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